Hmmm … This is a tough page to write. Also, I wouldn’t like to brag about myself (haha). I have an idea though. Why don’t you write what you feel about me as a comment here for the world to see.

And, if you need serious information, go to my Resume page.

One Response to “About Me”

  1. Hi Parag,
    I was googling for Camel Colour Contest and stumbled upon your flicker page. It is so wonderful and emotional to see that you have still preserved a prize given in 1993 and tresure it so much.
    It was exactly what the All India Camel Colour Contest stand for. It has found mention in many resumes from all walks of life. The firy Kerala bowler Shrishanth also mentioned the contest as the confidance booster of his life.
    We are in the 25th year and the contest involves arround 2.3 million children. We have made a lot of changes in it, to make it better. It would be interesting to know more about you and also to meet you during your next trip to Bombay, oops Mumbai.
    Ojha Chandra Shekhar
    National Promotion Manager
    Camlin Limited,
    +91 9833288645

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